Who We Are

Juan and Samai Reboul, born in a small village off the coast of Spain, were not introduced to the world of surfing until they moved to Auroville, India in 95, at the ages of 9 and 10. It was here that a group of surfing pioneers allowed them their own boards with which they could plunge into their newfound passion, unaware that this would lead them towards their present situation. As years went by, their enthusiasm for surfing grew and soon they found themselves with a notorious reputation for their loud voices, large fin-like noses and the habit of ditching school to catch some waves. Today, their old teachers still laugh about how, on several occasions, they unsuccessfully attempted to drag the two boys off their boards and into class (the brothers were apparently oblivious to the shouting figures on the beach).

Soon Juan and Samai realised that they wanted to make their passion into their profession, at which point they started giving classes to children and teenagers of Auroville and Pondicherry. Any lapses in their teaching abilities were filled when they helped out at their friends' surf school in south-west France.

Gathered from their various experiences in the world of surf, Kallialay Surf School (KASS) was created in January 2009 as one of the first surf schools on the south east coast of India.

Having surfed these waters for the past 14 years Juan and Samai know all about their surf spot. The peers' sand banks provide waves suitable for both beginners as well as advanced surfers. The brothers' knowledge of English, French, Spanish and Tamil along with professional, imported equipment (foam-boards with rubber fins) gives beginners from all around the world a perfect opportunity to catch their first waves and enjoy it in the heat and bustle of South India.

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People's Experiences

Taking classes at KASS was the most refreshing, enjoyable and funny experiences
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Kallialay surf school is more than just a school.The instructors are dedicated and the passion
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I had been a non committal surfer at best, until I literally took the plunge and got in touch
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After several months in India (Pondicherry) searching for a sport to practice, one of my friend
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Our Spot

Our spot is located in a small fisher village called Tandryankupam proves to be ideal due to the two rock peers built as protection by the Indian government after the tsunami (2006). These rock peers provide big sand banks where the waves break, creating the origin of the name of the surf school. In Tamil (the local language), kallu means rock and alay means wave, thus forming Kallialay.

Pondicherry, a touristic city and ex-French colony is a well-known and demanded city in South India. Its old French buildings and Beach Boulevard have made Pondy one of the most visited cities in the area. Auroville, an international township, is well known for its development of art, agriculture, technology and alternative living as catalysts of self-sustainability and spiritual progress. Most famous is its central creation, the Matrimandir, also known as the ‘soul of the city’. KASS is situated between Auroville and Pondicherry. The proximity of these two culturally and socially colourful cities allows surf students more than just surfing as an agreeable and fulfilling pastime

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