Frequently asked questions

We have 4 main slots per day: 8am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm. We will choose the best adequate slot for your level according to the sea conditions so punctuality will be in your best interest.

We have ongoing lessons everyday of the year so all you have to do is call us a day before surfing with us so we can discuss timings as we depend upon the sea conditions and those shift everyday. Find more info on the Booking page.

You are going in the ocean, so the better swimmer you are the easier this will be for you. If you don’t know how to swim and you really want to surf, then you should look at the private lessons, for your own safety.

All you need for your surf lesson is your own swimwear, sunscreen, a towel, and motivation.

All the material you need for the surf lesson is included in the price (surfboard, rash vest, and instructor fees)

You are going in the ocean, which is a big force of nature, and has to be respected. If you listen to your surf instructor you will be safe. The material (surfboards) is adapted to beginners, so they are made out of foam, with rubber fins.

With the teaching method that we use, you should be catching your own waves and standing on the board, already in the first lesson.

We have adapted our ten day course, to teach you all the basics about surfing, that’s why we added two free rentals at the end of this package, to motivate you to go surf by yourself with a real hard board. This obviously depends on your learning skills and your motivation.

Apart from the packages, you can do as many lessons as you want.